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Had the chance to attend Flora, Fauna and Fantasy event and have to say I am sad it took me this long! I walked into Epcot for the first day of the event not really knowing anyone, by the end of the day I felt like I knew some of the folks for a life time. The core team members all were very friendly and welcoming and the schedule was a perfect mix of group and free time. I never felt like I was missing anything because the way the events were set up were very fluid and natural. I am already planning for Studios 25, the only down side is the wait till the next event. If you have the chance to make it out while a WDWCelebrations event is planned I would suggest including it in your vacation plans!

-Submitted April 25, 2013, by Jeremiah Good, from FL.

I just wanted to thank all of you for Celebration 30. I know it was a lot of work on your part and hope you all realize how it was appreciated. This was our first WDWCelebrations event and it most certainly will not be our last. We live locally and spend quite a bit of time at the parks but never have experienced it as we did this past weekend. The "Edutainment" was great (all three of the hunts) and we really learned new things. The group viewings and rides were really a lot of fun. Meeting all of you and the other participants was fantastic. We made many new friends and it is all due to your efforts. Thank you so much. We are looking forward to next April.

-Submitted October 4, 2012, by Gary Brennan, from Florida.

Today wouldn't have been nearly as much fun without the @WDWCelebrations crew. I'm going to every one of their events until the end of time... Seriously, everyone at @WDWCelebrations made me feel so welcome and I had an amazing time. Everyone should attend their April event.

-Submitted October 1, 2012, by Scarlett Litton, from Twitter (@scarlettashley1).

Attended the first event and Project XL. Here are some of the things I really like about these events (besides what others have said): 1) The core team is so nice, easy to work with, and enthusiastic. And cute, too! 2) They keep the price low and the logistics simple. 3) You can participate in as much or as little as you want. 4) You meet great people from all over the world 5) No one makes fun of you for liking Disney a lot 6) The event activities are fun.

-Submitted October 24, 2011, by Margaret Love, from Greenville, SC.

This was my first time attending a WDWCelebrations event and it was a totally awesome experience! By going to this event I made some memories I will never forget and met a new bunch of Disney friends to hang with! Some my favorite experiences: *The funniest Jungle Cruise group ride ever where the skipper forgot to dock his boat! *VIP seating at a packed Columbia Harbor House. *Running around like a crazy fool all over Epcot doing the Future World Quest. *Having fun AND learning about new stuff in the parks during the Scavenger Hunt. Thanks again to everybody who made this a wonderful event! From the core team who put it altogether to the super nice guest who attended! People like you are why I moved from Sweden to the US, you rock!

-Submitted October 21, 2011, by Corinne Andersson, from US.

This was our second WDWCelebrations event (Holiday Hoopla in 2010 being the first) and we plan to attend the Epcot event in 2012...well hopefully. Like everyone has already said this event was wonderful and fun and very well planned. From eating, riding rides, watching fireworks, parades and playing the fun games it was all great! I have made friends as well and hope to keep in touch through out the year... thanks again to all that made this possible.

-Submitted October 20, 2011, by Barb Huddleson, from Cincinnati, OH.

Thank you guys so much, I had such an incredible time! It was, in all honesty, such a thrilling time to be in the parks with other fans just like me to celebrate this incredible milestone for WDW. It was, without a doubt, the most fun four days I've ever spent at Walt Disney World. Thank you so much, once again, and here's hoping I can make it to Celebration 30 next year. :)

-Submitted October 19, 2011, by Jay "Spyne" Hart, from Facebook.

This is my 4th WDWCelebrations event and they keep getting better and better! How do you do that with such a young, diverse and geographically spread out core team? The activities are as interactive as the participants WANT them to be. . . and no activity is "mandatory". I have met so many new friends from all over the US and overseas through WDWCelebrations. We keep in touch throughout the year and since I'm "local", I can meet up with them when they come to Florida for a WDW vacation. I can hardly wait for the Epcot 30th anniversary event! I am especially proud that this group of Disney fans contributes to a special charity at each gathering. Thank you, WDWCelebrations. Keep up the great work.

-Submitted October 19, 2011, by Amy Bradley, from Florida.

WDWCelebrations puts on amazing events. I met so many wonderful people that I now can call friends! Wish I had been able to go to all the past events, but now I will never miss one if at all possible. If you want to have a great time at Disney with a group of like minded Disney fans, whether your with your family or going to the event solo these events are the place to be.

-Submitted October 14, 2011, by Pam Szolscek, from the Internet.

This is my second WDWCelebrations event, Celebration 25 was the first. Events like these are a great way for Disney fans to meet others who share their same enthusiasm for the parks and in doing so make new friends, as well as getting to know better ones who we have previously only know through their blogs, web sites, and podcasts. This event in particular had some great fun, structured events that guests could pick and choose from. The tiny fee in relation to the fantastic event provided is certainly further encouragement to me to try to plan future trips around WDWCelebrations events, and even more encouraging than that is the likelihood that many of the attendees of future events will be some of the same folks who I had such fun with at this one. If there are some activities that don't appeal to you it is easy to just pick and choose those which offer the most, but the more activities I attended, I found they just made me wish to take part in the other ones as well.

-Submitted October 11, 2011, by Brian Martsolf, from Greenville SC.

Project XL was my first WDWCelebrations event, and it definitely won't be my last. The staff were so knowledgeable and accommodating, and went through tremendous efforts to make sure we all had an amazing time. The events they planned for us were a blast, really helped me enjoy the parks in ways I never had before. I highly recommend any event by this group if you are a Disney fan and want to celebrate Disney milestones with other fans. I made a bunch of new friends, and already miss them all. Thanks so much guys for a fantastic event!

-Submitted October 11, 2011, by Bev Schieman, from the Internet.

I just got back from the best Disney trip I have ever had. We were celebrating Magic Kingdom's 40th birthday with WDWCelebrations. I have stayed in Walt Disney World for two weeks before and I didn't have as much fun as I had in the four days of Project XL: The World at 40. On October 1, I was having so much fun with friends that I stayed at Magic Kingdom for fourteen hours straight. I can't wait until next year when I come back for Celebration 30!

-Submitted October 11, 2011, by Jasmine Leveillee, from north Atlanta suburbs.

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