Celebration 30 FAQ

Celebration 30

A WDWCelebrations Commemorative Event

September 28 - October 1, 2012


If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us!


There will be a registration fee for all attendees for this event. The registration fee covers part of our costs for producing the event and mailing your registration credentials prior to the event. A portion of the fee from each registration (both adult and child) will be added to our Donation Collection, to be presented in a special ceremony as part of our Charity Initiative.

Registration for this event includes your credentials, event schedule, sponsor/partner related promotional materials and any specific WDWCelebrations-branded items related to the event (i.e. Scavenger Hunt forms, etc.)  Your registration does not cover any park admission, food, lodging, or merchandise unless otherwise noted in an official WDWCelebrations announcement or document.

WDWCelebrations has no official hotels for our event.  We recommend an on-property Disney owned and operated Resort.

There are no "requirements" for attending any of the scheduled activities.  Please feel free to participate in as many or as few of the scheduled activities as you like.  However, all attendees are reminded that to participate in any of our activities, you will need a lanyard and nametag in order to be identified as part of our group. This is a requirement of Disney in order for our guests to congregate in the parks.

WDWCelebrations events are designed to offer memorable experiences for all types of guests, whether first-time visitors or longtime passholders. Our schedule has been planned with plenty of free time to allow guests to enjoy the Walt Disney World® Resort on their own, and as mentioned in the previous question, all events are optional, thus giving you plenty of choices on how to plan your visit.  If you wish to attend all of the WDWCelebrations activities and still wish to have more time for yourself, we recommend looking into extending your travels to allow for more days on your own schedule.

All registration credentials were mailed on 9/17/2012 via First Class Mail.  If you do not receive them before you depart for the event, please let us know.

The final event schedule has been released. We also recommend subscribing to our Event Alert Service to be notified of any changes or announcements during the event.

All WDWCelebrations events are suitable for any age group.  While certain activities in our schedule may not be accessible to all guests, due to height, age, or other restrictions, we have attempted to plan the overall event with all ages in mind.

WDWCelebrations expects that all attendees adhere to the rules and requirements set by the Walt Disney Company for its own parks and attractions.  Violation of any park rules or regulations is cause for automatic dismissal from our events (and in the case of premium or add-on events, without a refund) with a likely ban from attendance of future events.  As guests of the Walt Disney World® Resort, we have a special relationship with our hosts and expect that all attendees of our events respect that relationship.  Any and all dismissals from events are made at the discretion of the WDWCelebrations team or Disney management.

We have no specific requirements regarding resort accomodations for our event guests.  Park admission is required, of course.

Information about subscribing to our Event Alert Service is now available.

While the WDWCelebrations team is dedicated to offering memorable moments at all of our events, we cannot make any promises for any upcoming events.



If you have a question about the event that isn't answered here, please contact us!


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