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Below are some frequently-asked questions about WDWCelebrations and our events.  If you have a question about us or our events that isn't answered here, please contact us!


General WDWCelebrations Questions

WDWCelebrations, L. L. C. is a Florida-based organization, created by Disney fans, dedicated to "celebrating the magic of the past, present, and future, together."  Our Disney fan events provide unique experiences, including group rides, group photos, group meals, and other special events designed to bring Disney fans together to celebrate and to enjoy each other's company.  Through our events, WDWCelebrations is dedicated to bringing “unity to the community” in ways not yet explored.

WDWCelebrations was originally founded by Adam Roth and Jason Diffendal, two of the people behind Celebration 25, the unofficial fan gathering to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Epcot®.

We consider Celebration 25, the unofficial fan gathering to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Epcot® on October 1, 2007, to be our first event, although we didn't call ourselves WDWCelebrations at the time.  Since then, we've held a number of events which are listed on our Event Archive page. 

WDWCelebrations Commemorative Events are designed to celebrate milestones in Disney park history.  Our Signature Events span multiple days with a focus on unique experiences, including group rides, group photos, group meals, and other special events designed to bring Disney fans together to celebrate and to enjoy each other's company. 

Since our inception, we have been committed to giving back to the community by donating proceeds from our various events and merchandise sales to charity.  A portion of the registration fee for our events is earmarked for donation. At previous events, we have donated to Give Kids the World in Kissimmee, Florida, the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, the Dream Team Project which benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America, and the Children's Hospital of Orange County.  To date, our donations have totaled over $3300.


Event-Related Questions

Our website will always list our upcoming events. Additionally, we recommend that you subscribe to our Newsletter, become a fan of WDWCelebrations on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, to keep updated on all of our upcoming events.

All WDWCelebrations events are suitable for any age group.  While certain activities in our schedule may not be accessible to all guests, due to height, age, or other restrictions, we have attempted to plan the overall event with all ages in mind.  We also realize that our Commemorative Events, because they are tied to important dates in park history, may not take place at convenient times of the year for families with school-age children, but we welcome Disney fans of all ages to our events.

We charge a small registration fee to event attendees to help cover our costs for producing the events and mailing your registration credentials prior to the event.  A portion of the fee from each registration (both adult and child) will be added to our Donation Collection, to be presented in a special ceremony as part of our Charity Initiative.  Park admission is required and not included in the registration fee.  Additionally, for certain events, we have organized a number of optional add-on activities that require payment.  These add-on activities vary by event, but may include group meals, dessert parties, customized backstage tours, hard-ticketed parties such as Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party or Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, and more.

Registration for this event includes your event credentials, event schedule, sponsor/partner related promotional materials, prizes that may be won for our interactive games or scavenger hunts, and any specific WDWCelebrations-branded items related to the event (i.e. Scavenger Hunt forms, etc.)  Your registration does not cover any park admission, food, lodging, or merchandise unless otherwise noted in an official WDWCelebrations announcement or document.  For Group Meals at Table Service locations and for Dessert Parties, you must purchase tickets in advance via our website, as these meals have a limited capacity.  Group Meals at Counter Service locations do not have a capacity limit.  At these locations you order and pay for your food as normal.  Any Disney-organized hard-ticketed events such as Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party are not included and tickets must be purchased directly from Disney, either online or in person at park ticket windows.

There are no "requirements" for attending any of the scheduled activities.  Please feel free to participate in as many or as few of the scheduled activities as you like.  However, all attendees are reminded that to participate in any of our activities, you will need a lanyard and nametag in order to be identified as part of our group.  This is a requirement of Disney in order for our guests to congregate in the parks.

We will release a tentative schedule for the next event as soon as we are comfortable that no significant changes will be required.  Since our inception and our first event, Celebration 25, we have made it one of our founding guidelines that a complete list of all of our scheduled activities must be forwarded through appropriate Disney management.  Any schedule labeled "tentative" has received tentative approval, but is still subject to change.  Once a schedule is finalized, it will be listed as such on our website and sent via email to the registered guests for the event. Please remember, our event schedule may be updated during the event itself for various reasons, including inclement weather, when meet locations may be moved indoors or under cover.  We recommend taking advantage our Event Alert Service to be notified of any changes or other important information during the event itself.

As mentioned above, to participate in any of our activities, you will need a lanyard and nametag in order to be identified as part of our group.  This is a requirement of Disney in order for our guests to congregate in the parks.  Beyond that, WDWCelebrations expects that all attendees adhere to the rules and requirements set by the Walt Disney Company for its own parks and attractions.  Violation of any park rules or regulations is cause for automatic dismissal from our events (and in the case of add-on activities, without a refund) with a likely ban from attendance at future WDWCelebrations events.  As guests of the Walt Disney World® Resort or Disneyland® Resort, we have a special relationship with our hosts and expect that all attendees of our events respect that relationship.  Any and all dismissals from events are made at the discretion of the WDWCelebrations team or Disney management.

WDWCelebrations has no official hotels for our event.  We recommend an on-property Disney owned and operated Resort.  DVC Members are welcome to use their membership to stay at a DVC Resort.

WDWCelebrations events are designed to offer memorable experiences for all types of guests, whether first-time visitors or longtime passholders. Our schedule has been planned with plenty of free time to allow guests to enjoy the Walt Disney World® Resort on their own, and as mentioned above, all activities are optional, thus giving you plenty of choices on how to plan your visit.  If you wish to attend all of the WDWCelebrations activities and still wish to have more time for yourself, we recommend looking into extending your travels to allow for more days on your own schedule.

All registration credentials will be mailed several weeks before the event via First Class Mail.  Registered attendees will be notified via email when credentials are mailed.  In the event that you do not receive your credentials before you depart for Orlando, we will have a limited supply of extra materials available at the event.

Celebration 25 started the tradition of offering surprises which included special tickets for Marty Sklar's talks, and a meet and greet with the Vice President of Epcot®, Jim MacPhee.  In addition, our Dessert Party attendees had the opportunity to stay in the park long after closing to watch the inferno barge burn-off after IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.  A Wild Decade gave guests the opportunity to meet Val Bunting, the Vice President of Disney's Animal Kingdom® Park, and to remain in the Theater in the Wild after Joe Rohde's presentation to secure prime seats for Finding Nemo: The Musical.  Studio 20 afforded our attendees priority front-row seating for the special session with Walt Disney Imagineering discussing the history of Disney's Hollywood Studios™.  Attendees of World Wide Weekend got a chance to visit the control room ("tower") of Expedition Everest.  Additionally, for attendees of our Custom Backstage Tour, we arranged special Q&A sessions with Imagineer Alex Wright as well as the Manager of the Whispering Canyon Café.  While the WDWCelebrations team is dedicated to offering memorable moments at all of our events, we cannot make any specific promises.

We strive to create our event schedule with a mix of activities to appeal to everyone, and will continue to include some of these features in our schedule, or add new ones as we develop them.

We utilize our text-message alerting system in order to notify event attendees of any changes to our published schedule or to disseminate other important information in a timely manner during the event itself, by sending a text message with important information to your cell phone. We do not charge for this system, but your carrier's standard text messaging rates do apply.  To subscribe, visit the Event Alerts Service page. We will utilize this system at all future events to ensure that event guests can access up-to-date information on potential schedule changes and other important event news during the event itself.

We are not currently planning any such activity at our events; however, guests at our Commemorative Events that celebrate park anniversaries typically are able to purchase a variety of special collectible Disney merchandise created specifically for the park anniversary.

While our events may not offer specifically scheduled activities such as these, it is rather common for these traditions to happen during our events.  In particular, attendees of our History Walks are often given information regarding pins and "Hidden Mickeys," and Scavenger Hunt participants are often required to seek hidden and/or secret features of the park, of which "Hidden Mickeys" are one example.  We may investigate additional activities incorporating these and other Disney-related staples for future events.

We have hosted past events at the Walt Disney World® Resort and Disneyland® Resort. At this time we do not have any plans to host a non-Disney-park-based meet under the WDWCelebrations banner.  More information on future events will be released at a later date.




If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us!


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