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Celebration 25, Our First Event

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of EPCOT Center

October 1, 2007

Ignited by a single post on an Internet forum, fans became linked together for what would become Celebration 25. At the time, Brad Rex (former Vice President of Epcot®) had announced that the park would not receive a public celebration for its silver anniversary. Disappointment turned to inspiration when an avid Disney fan, Jenn Waitt, posted a message on an Internet-based Disney fan forum calling all fans to join together for a celebration worthy of the park’s anniversary. The first to respond was Adam Roth, webmaster and founder of Dreamfinder Forever, immediately volunteering to assist in the development of the meet. Aided by Jason Diffendal, Lou Mongello, Jeff Pepper, and Jackie Steele, the team expanded to allow for new and innovative activities to be introduced to the event schedule. Soon, the event grew, gaining the attention of the media as well as Epcot® management itself. Working in collaboration with Disney, Celebration 25 was able to coordinate the first unofficial fan event to hold group meets including history tours and ride meets, with endorsement, provisions and supervision provided by the park management. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Epcot®, guests received a rare opportunity to return to the past and see the park as it was on opening day, in photos, video, memorabilia, and events that honored the occasion on a level unexpected by all.



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